BlackBerry KickStart On eBay

If you can’t wait until the BlackBerry Pearl 8220, err umm, the BlackBerry KickStart, to go on sale officially you may want to check out an ebay auction by seller endlessconnections who has an unlocked BlackBerry KickStart listed.

The auction ends on Wednesday where I am guessing the bidding will be a bit higher than the $751 after 9 bids found at the time of this posting.



  1. Kells says

    I heard that Rogers will sell the KickStart for $149 so it would probably cost about $400 to $500 if you bought it out right without a plan. Tack on another $200 to $250 because it is unlocked and that is how you get to $750.

    If this is not a bogus auction, someone with money burning a hole in their pocket will shell out the cash to be able to say that they were the first one with a KickStart.

  2. Kevin says

    Well I’d have to be pretty rich to buy something like that for $750. after seeing the image clearer, I think that the design is ok. But I don’t know, I have always liked the normal style blackberrys. And as for this “storm” that verizon is coming out with… I might tolerate a flip blackberry, but there is no way I am using one of those stupid touch keyboards. I’m not gonna have a hundred billion typos in my emails.


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